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John Oliver Has His Own Version Of Those Clumsy Ads Targeting Republican Millennials

Although John Oliver's new HBO show won't debut until April, some content is already rolling out online, including these videos spoofing some recent GOP ads that try perhaps a little too hard to appeal to millennials.

On March 16th, the GOP introduced a new series of ads geared toward the very specific audience of young republicans who live inside Portlandia. To describe these ads as clumsy and pandering would be a generous understatement. They feature a guy who looks like a Macklemore-maned West Side Story extra complaining in a whiny tone nobody would want to hear themselves reflected in. But even though the ads already seem like works of parody, that hasn't stopped the folks at John Oliver's forthcoming HBO show from faithfully mocking them.

Last Week Tonight doesn't premiere until April, but early content from Oliver's Daily Show follow-up is already trickling out online. This week saw the release of two clips featuring the show's web producer, comedian Josh Gondelman, impersonating the star of the GOP's ads, Scott Greenberg. Over the course of "Hashtag Awesomesauce," Gondelman mocks the stiff acting, slang-based pandering, and all-over-the-place complaints of the original ads. (Of course, he can't resist a dig at the wardrobe as well.)

If this online material is any hint of what's to come on the actual show, Last Week Tonight is off to a promising start.

Watch the second of the two mock ads below.