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Cautious Optimism, Thy Name Is The CGI "Peanuts" Movie Teaser

Good grief. Or maybe not?

The Peanuts comics mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Beginning life as a one-panel newspaper strip in the late-1940s, Charles Schulz's life's work has epitomized the precociously tortured souls of generations of children, and served as a nostalgic talisman for many of the adults they went on to become. The anti-commercialism holiday special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, took a brave stance toward perhaps the most beloved American tradition, and its message reverberates to this day. Considering how Schulz reportedly stipulated in his will that the Peanuts characters remain as authentic as possible and that no new comics be drawn based on them, it is a distinctly mixed bag to see that new Peanuts action is headed to theaters in a glossy CGI cartoon movie.

A new teaser that premiered online late on March 17th offers us a glimpse at how our noble, lovable not-quite-winner and his dog will appear in next year's feature film. It feels weird to see close up with the finest technological accuracy what the texture of Charlie Brown’s lone gnarled root of hair looks like in high definition. However, the sight of Snoopy hamming it up alongside our hero is as welcome as ever, and so perhaps the best way to approach this impending franchise-extender is with cautious optimism.

Let us know if you think the movie will be amazing or a disgrace in the comments below.