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"Urban Jungle Street View" Adds A Dose Of Wilderness To Your Big-City Address

A Streetview hack makes your urban address suddenly very I Am Legend.

New York City is sometimes called an urban jungle, but what if the concrete skyscrapers coexisted with a luscious ecosystem of vines, trees, and paleolithic ivy? Such is the world of Urban Jungle Street View, which filters New York City, San Francisco, and just about any other locale through an Amazonian lens. The project is the work of Stockholm-based web developer, Einar Öberg.

"Movies like The Walking Dead and I Am Legend and games like Last of Us inspired me," says Öberg. "It's how they play with the idea of an abandoned world where nature is taking over." Öberg's favorite location is New York, because of the "iconic cityscape." He also likes the technical possibilities presented by all that vertical concrete. "The tall flat surfaces" make for especially intriguing jungle flora, he says. So plug in your address and scope out the jungle playground on your block (note to readers: the large image at the top of the page is interactive).

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