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A Naked Cyclist Makes A Case For Always Looking In Your Rearview Mirror

Ad campaign uses some skin to ask drivers to check their mirrors more for people on bicycles.

According to the Federal Highway Association in the U.S., the number of bike trips in America's 70 largest cities has increased by 73% between 2000 and 2011. Whether it's the economy, environmental awareness, the price of gas, the increased urbanization of society or something else altogether, more people in big cities are jumping on a bike more often.

In some places, this has resulted in more growing pains as cars get accustomed to sharing the roads. The AA Charitable Trust, part of the U.K.'s Automobile Association, has launched the #ThinkBikes campaign to raise awareness of drivers about the presence of cyclists. And what better way to turn some heads than with a naked dude cycling through the streets of London?

If that doesn't force you to take notice, you either need new glasses or have to re-evaluate your driving techniques.