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Milton Glaser's Psychedelic Poster For Final Season Of "Mad Men"

For the hit AMC show's seventh edition, iconic designer gets trippy with Don Draper.

Milton Glaser's Psychedelic Poster For Final Season Of "Mad Men"

When it comes to finding the perfect designer to celebrate the seventh and final season of AMC's award-winning show Mad Men, you'd be hard pressed to find a more perfect fit than Milton Glaser. (No offence, George Lois fans.)

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The co-founder of New York magazine and the mind behind the "I Love New York" logo, among many other iconic designs, has taken the look he gave to Bob Dylan and passed it on to Don Draper.

The New York Times met with Glaser and show creator Matt Weiner, and the designer expressed a slight concern that the poster might seem derivative. "I haven’t been working this way for 30 years or so," Glaser told the Times. "My anxiety was that people would think, wait a minute, I’m still doing this sort of thing."

It's a potential peek into the mind of Draper for the forthcoming season, let's just hope it doesn't result in a whole episode of Don stuck in his apartment listening to the Allman Brothers and trying not to freak out.

The first half of the drawn-out final season begins April 13.