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It's a Hard Knock Life For Freelancers In This Uncomfortably Honest "Annie" Spoof

New York-based sketch group Garlic Jackson mash up a famous song from Annie with the struggles of being a creative freelancer in the big city—just in time for the trailer of the Annie remake.

They may not have it as bad as adorable New York City orphans, but young freelancers of all stripes do indeed walk a path paved with struggle. A new video makes the connection between the two groups explicit, though, by reimagining Annie as a tale of the chronically underemployed.

Just in time for the debut trailer of the new Quvenzhané Wallis-led Annie remake, comedy consortium Garlic Jackson has released "It's a Freelance Life," a tribute to the highs and lows (but mostly lows) of being a creative freelancer in the big city. Using the much-beloved and Jay Z-sampled song from the musical, "It's a Hard Knock Life," this video should ring true to anyone striving to reconciling their parents' dreams of stability with the idea that their next CollegeHumor side project could blow up on Reddit and make their own dreams come true.

The song also comes with a knowing wink to the fact that its creators know this subject matter all too well, and are in fact in the thick of it right this moment. "While your friends use their degrees," the group sings toward the end, "We write Annie parodies."