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Cronut Inventor Says His Mind-Melting SXSW Milk And Cookie Shots Are Coming To NY

With his latest breakthrough, the milk and cookie shot, sweeping South By Southwest, Chef Dominique Ansel tells us he'll be bringing the treat back to New York soon.

Cronut Inventor Says His Mind-Melting SXSW Milk And Cookie Shots Are Coming To NY

Soup has been served in bread bowls for many years. Ditto taco salads inside enormous tortilla shells. Isn't it about time we had milk served in a cookie shot glass? Dessert innovator Chef Dominique Ansel made a splash on March 5th when he posted an image of just such a tantalizing, ripped-from-your-dreams, confectionary concoction on Instagram.

The French-born, New York-based chef, who became a culinary celebrity last summer after inventing much-ballyhooed dessert hybrid, the cronut, unveiled the milk-and-cookie shot at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, currently underway. Hearts sank when it emerged that the new treat was an SXSW exclusive. As Ansel tells us, however, the milk-and-cookie shot is coming to his bakery in New York, most likely as an afternoon special served after 3 p.m. ("That way we can make sure to bake that batch fresh and serve our customers to order with organic milk from our supplier upstate," he says.)

In a world that can all too often be disappointing or scary, it's comforting to know that the world's most perfect dessert snack has already been invented. As wonderfully matched a pairing as our American childhoods and Santa Claus legends have lead us to believe, though, the sentiment is not shared everywhere else in the world.

"In France, we don't naturally think about drinking milk with cookies," Ansel says. "We don't eat very many cookies at all. So the first time someone told me milk and cookies are a 'thing,' I was very fascinated by it. And that's what inspired the creation."

If the milk is kept ice cold, the shots last for quite a long time. But they are designed to be eaten immediately. It took a lot of experimenting to get the shape and consistency of the cookie just right. Apparently, though, Ansel isn't near finished innovating his cookie shot concept yet.

"Everything takes a few tries, and we are always tweaking," the chef says. "We're tweaking the Cronut recipe even now. You do need a really tempered and aerated cookie dough. And we're currently brainstorming other fun things to place into the cookie shot glass—like vanilla ice cream and even Bailey's.