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Watch A Woman Become A Man Before Your Eyes (It's The Only Way She Can Get Paid Like A Man)

Sweden's biggest union gives its female head an extreme makeover to raise awareness for gender equality.

According to some studies, women in the U.S. are still paid only 77 cents for every dollar their male colleagues make and just 4.2% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.

Gender equality in the workplace is a global issue, as this new ad from Sweden's largest union effectively points out. It says a Swedish women earn more than 250,000 euros less than a man over the course of their careers, and that at the current pace it will take more than a century for women's salaries to equal that of men. So agency Volontaire decided to show the best way for a woman to get that equal pay much faster by giving Kommunal's chairwoman Annelie Nordstrom a makeover.

It's a quick, simple, and effective spot that applies the lessons of Dove "Evolution" to a different issue and in the process illustrates the sheer ridiculousness of a very real problem.