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This Mind-Blowing Video Lays Out A Hard-To-Top Theory On Who The Yellow King Is On "True Detective"

The question that's captivated the serialized-television-drama-watching public for weeks now will finally be answered on Sunday night: Who is the Yellow King responsible for overseeing the series of brutal murders on HBO's True Detective?

Reddit sleuths and the like have populated the Internet with their theories—some of which, like the identity of the Man With Scars (which was seemingly revealed in last Sunday's episode), have proven correct. The "True Detective Yellow King Theory" video below, meanwhile, has the potential to blow your mind with its insight—without utilizing any spoilers:

Okay, so the video is actually a really well-assembled troll job that highlights some of the absurdity of the need of the Internet to theorize on and look for hidden clues in the minutiae of every episode of a show, but it's so well put together in how it Photoshops the doofy-looking Yellow King character that it deserves its own special shout-out. Ultimately, the fun of figuring out the identity of the Yellow King is dwarfed by the fun of being taken on the show's journey—which is why we watch in the first place. And if this outstanding troll job reminds us for a minute that receiving the answers the same way that detectives Rust Cohle and Marty Hart do is the true joy of the show, it's all worth it.