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See A Wolf On Wall St. And Other Literal Movie Posters

Delhi-based Illustrator Danish Ahmed has created a series of movie posters that get graphically literal with titles, often going in wildly different directions than the actual content.

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Let's face it, too many movie posters are festooned with giant faces. They rely on star power and don't evoke the story. Back in January, we see some mock-ups that were more true to what the movies were actually about, often to a mocking degree. Now, there's a new series of posters that stay true to the movie in title only.

"Literal Movie Posters" pays close attention to the titles of films and then depicts them as only someone who knows nothing else about them might. Created by Delhi-based illustrator Danish Ahmed, the series provokes chuckles by showing how silly some of these titles seem without their stories for context. The Angelina Jolie action flick Salt is represented with a salt shaker, while Wolf of Wall Street features an anthropomorphic wolf standing defiantly on Wall Street. Hopefully the series will continue until Ahmed serves up his take on Tango and Cash.

Have a look at more literal movie posters in the slides above.