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Hard-Hitting Samsung Ad Shows Paralympians Have The Same Problems As Every Elite Athlete

The challenge of sports doesn't discriminate.

Over the last month or so, as winter Olympians from around the world gathered and competed in Sochi, we've been treated to some great reminders of the other Olympics.

The Paralympics start March 7th and now Samsung joins P&G and the Canadian Paralympic Committee to show us the power and inspiration of Paralympians.

Created by agency 72andSunny, the spot offers up a gritty look into the lives of these athletes as they train and struggle through early mornings, tough losses and injuries to reach their best. The blood, sweat, and tears tell us that sport doesn't discriminate between disabled and able-bodied.

The campaign launched on March 1st across international broadcasters like CNN, BBC, CNBC, Euro News, and Eurosport.