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This Beer Cooler Cuts Off All Mobile Signals, Forcing You To Actually Talk To The People You're With

Brazil beer brand Polar has this crazy idea that we should enjoy each other's company at the bar instead of staring at our phones.

It's a problem that plagues restaurants and bars the world over. People sitting together, staring at their phones, living the moment through their Instagram filters instead of as a shared social experience among friends IRL. But a regional Brazilian beer brand came up with a clever solution. A beer cooler that cuts out GSM, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G and 4G signals.

Created with agency Paim Comunicação, Porto Alegre, the cooler blocks all mobile signals within a five-foot radius. The case study video says everyone liked it a lot, but pity any poor sap caught near one of these things while sitting alone at the bar waiting for friends to show up. No Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter, no texts telling him when his buddies are going to walk through that door. Just stuck ALONE WITH HIS THOUGHTS, wondering why the hell he ordered a Polar.