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Not Enough U.K. Residents Had Ever Seen a Hedgehog; Now, This Is Happening

A giant hedgehog sculpture was installed in London to promote David Attenborough's new TV series, Natural Curiosities. Naturally, we're curious.

Not Enough U.K. Residents Had Ever Seen a Hedgehog; Now, This Is Happening

Sometimes, you get a bruise on an unlikely part of your body, and proceed to keep bumping it even though it seems as if that never happened before. Sometimes, you don't notice the translucent logo of a TV channel you're watching in the corner of the screen, but then once you do, you can't un-see it. These sensations are comparable to what Londoners are currently experiencing in regard to hedgehogs.

According to a recent survey, a quarter of U.K. residents reportedly have never seen a hedgehog in the wild. Now, in order to promote the launch of David Attenborough's new TV series Natural Curiosities, the team at UKTV channel Watch is making damn sure Londoners see a hedgehog—with extreme prejudice. Recently, a team of artists spent two months putting together an enormous hedgehog sculpture, which has just been installed in Clapham Common in London. This super-size Sonic is seven feet tall, 12 feet long, and made from 2,000 soft wood spikes and willow/coconut fiber-fur. It is perhaps more hedgehog than Londoners might have bargained for, and it is at once adorable with a side order of terrifying.

Watch a video of David Attenborough explaining the subtle dignity of the hedgehog below.

H/t to Laughing Squid