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This New Kraft Mac N' Cheese Ad Gives Vanilla Ice The Job You Always Thought He'd Have By Now

The '90s one-hit wonder continues his improbable streak of public appearances.

If someone asked you in 1999 what you thought Vanilla Ice would be doing in the year 2014, would stocking grocery store shelves be out of the realm of possibilities? Be honest.

But no, Mr. Van Winkle has ridden his 5.0 of a career (top down, of course) through all kinds of ups and downs, starring in reality TV, still making music and, perhaps even more improbably, still being tapped for commercial opportunity. He's survived the career cycle long enough to cash in on the nostalgia tour, which is exactly what Kraft is doing here.

In the spot from CP+B, we meet Vanilla in a grocery store aisle, stocking Macaroni & Cheese, casually humming the tune of his song that appeared on the soundtrack of the 1991 film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. The song and movie are—surprise!—terrible, but the sight of this kid looking on with forlorn shame as his mom busts out her early-90s dance repertoire is gold.

And of course there's a making-of video.

Word to your mother, indeed.