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See a Steve Jobs Portrait Made Entirely From Computer Guts

Collage artist Jason Mecier created a portrait of Steve Jobs assembled from objects the Apple impresario helped innovate.

See a Steve Jobs Portrait Made Entirely From Computer Guts

Since he passed away in 2011, Apple head honcho Steve Jobs has received a number of public tributes. There was the Apple logo with Jobs’s cranial silhouette as the missing bite, there was Ashton Kutcher’s performance in the little-seen biopic, and there was even an app providing a moment of silence to users, specifically in Jobs’s honor. While these homages all focused on the iconic innovator’s humanity, though, a new tribute emphasizes the machines Jobs made his life’s work.

Collage genius Jason Mecier spent 40 hours recently putting together a new portrait of the tech world superhero, made from 20 pounds of electronic waste. The finished product looks pretty much like the aftermath of the beloved Office Space scene where three men destroy a printer with baseball bats. There are computer chips and motherboard shards aplenty, along with cell phones, compact discs, and other tech ephemera—all arranged into Jobs’s famous chin-on-clenched-thumb-and-forefinger pose. And though it isn’t 100% clear, it’s likely that all the parts from the chin down are meant to form a black turtleneck.

H/t to The Bold Italic