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This Chinese Online Dating Ad Tells Women To Marry Or Risk Upsetting Grandma

Ladies, stop worrying about your own life goals or, you know, finding someone you like. You're still single and grandma is dying!

American online dating sites are all about choice. Want a six-foot tall, vegan-banjo player with gorgeous pectorals, a taste for Ethiopian food, and a penchant for horror movies? You can probably find him. But even so, Mr. Perfect usually has some fatal flaw. (You don't like his cologne. He hates your dog. He gets manicures.)

Unlike us, the Chinese know it's bad to be so picky, according to a new ad campaign. A commercial for the online dating site,, exhorts young women in China to get married already. If they don't, according to the ad, they will disappoint their grandmothers, who wish noting but the outdated, suffocating strictures that governed their own lives on their decendants and whose dying wish is to see young ladies settle(d). So what are you waiting for? That guy who hates your dog is probably the best you can do.