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Caribou Coffee Launches New Blend With A Five-Story Pinterest Board

Brand pins some promotion hopes to a social move at the Mall of America.

Seeing as so many people spend an incredible amount of time looking down at their phones or tablets to flip through their various social media feeds, Caribou Coffee decided to do something that would get people to look up. Way up.

The brand and agency Colle+McVoy put up a five-story-tall Pinterest board at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, to launch Caribou's latest coffee blend dubbed Real Inspiration.

"Caribou wanted to create a coffee in a way that has never been done before," says Colle+McVoy chief creative officer Mike Caguin. "Since their fans are so important, they wanted it to be inspired by them. We asked fans to provide ideas for the coffee through Pinterest and their pins led Caribou Roastmasters to create the new blend. Then when it was time to launch Real Inspiration Blend, the brand wanted to inspire their fans right back, so we brought their pins to life on a 64-foot Pinterest board."

The giant board was designed by the agency in-house to be interactive and jaw-dropping. Two mega-screens feature rotating and real-time pins from fans around the world who share their favorite inspirational photos on Instagram and Twitter using #CaribouInspires.