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OK Valentines, The Romantic Bar Has Just Been Set In This Utopian Hair Color Ad

Schwarzkopf tugs the romantic heartstrings with an earnest, sometimes eyeroll-inducing, yet ultimately weepy ode to love (stick with it 'til the end).

Valentine's Day is almost here and if you don't have anything all that special planned, by all means do not show this ad to your significant other. What European hair products brand Schwarzkopf, agency BBDO Proximity Dusseldorf, and director Sandro Suppnig have done here is set the bar for romantic gesture ridiculously high.

First, there's the voiceover. As declarations of love go, this is up there. It walks the fine line between the everyday and the poetic, earnest emotion and cringe-inducing cheeze (with some mild condescension and way too much hair flipping added to the mix). And the kicker? It may not get you, but we all know someone who will be reaching for the tissues and claiming "something got in my eye" after watching it.

According to agency spokesperson Susanne Keyzers, since the product launch was set for Valentine's Day the idea for a floral marriage proposal was born pretty fast. "But we wanted to add some depth, so we came up with the idea of a love declaration, a story told from his POV presenting the woman he loves to the world in a very intimate, true, and loving way."

Keyzers also credits Suppnig for creating the perfect atmosphere. "The casting was great, with two very experienced South African actors we got the authenticity we wanted. A story like this can be cheesy—but we had the best conditions to do things right."