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Image of the Day

See What The Winter Olympics Look Like From Space

This NASA photo shows just how much the Olympics light up the night sky.

See What The Winter Olympics Look Like From Space

[Image: Flickr user Nasa]

Watching at home, it's hard to get a sense for the sheer enormity of the 2014 Winter Olympics currently underway in Sochi. Even if TV coverage involves a helicopter shot, or reporters sent up trees, it fails to capture the scope of this spectacle. In order to truly appreciate the Olympic games' expansiveness, you need to see an aerial shot from an astronaut.

An Expedition 38 crew member aboard the International Space Station took a vertical 600mm night view of Sochi during the Olympic games. Lo and behold, it is massive and bright, and I'm pretty sure we'll all agree that it looks better from the vantage of space than from a tree.

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