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Michel Gondry Directed Metronomy's New Video And It's Just As Fun As You'd Expect

Auteur's latest features all the bright colors, cardboard sets, and whimsy you can handle.

For fans of the French filmmaker perhaps impatiently waiting his next film, a new music video for U.K. pop band Metronomy will definitely whet the appetite for whenever Mood Indigo hits theatres on this side of the world.

One look at the bright colors and the band playing within a kid's cardboard clubhouse dream come true and you know who's behind the camera. As the 360-degree shot pans, the painted sides of the cardboard enclosure make it look like we're watching the band through everything from a computer screen and live on stage, to a studio control room and a van on the street. It's simple, fun and exactly what you'd expect from a Gondry pop video.

The director will also be in a Google Hangout to answer questions and talk about the new video February 12th on the band's YouTube channel. Maybe ask about those turtlenecks.