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You Won't Care What's Missing From This Canadian Paralympic Ad

Powerful spot makes a case for the oft-overlooked athletes of the Paralympics.

While most of us are aware that there is another Games after the Games, too often the Paralympics doesn't get the attention or respect it, and the athletes competing in it, deserves.

The first Winter Paralympics were held in 1976 at Ornskoldsvik, Sweden with athletes from 16 countries competing in alpine and nordic skiing, as well as the demonstration sport of ice sledge racing. But it wasn't until the 1992 Tignes Games in France that the Paralympics actually used the same facilities as the Olympics. Now, a new ad from the Canadian Paralympic Committee and BBDO Toronto aims to narrow the gap between the two events even more by calling attention to the strengths and skills of paralympians instead of their disabilities.

In a statement, BBDO Toronto associate creative directors Simon Craig and JP Gravina said, "This campaign forces the viewer to see all the amazing things that make these Paralympic athletes great. To catch them in the midst of competition is an awe-inspiring experience by any definition."

This year the Winter Paralympics run March 7th to 16th in Sochi.