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Apple's New Commercial Was Made In 24 hours With 15 Film Crews Using iPhones

The production feat was done to help celebrate Apple's technological wins of the past 30 years.

To continue its celebration of Macintosh's 30 years, Apple created its latest ad using its innovations sparked by that first product. Shot entirely with iPhone 5s on January 24th, 2014 by 15 film crews around the globe, the commercial shows the multitude of ways the company has put technology in people's hands—whether that's laptops in a classroom, shooting video on an iPad, or tweaking actual robotic hand software with an iPhone. But it's the story behind the spot that's actually the compelling part.

In a nod to famed "1984" director Ridley Scott, this new ad was directed by his son Jake, who directed all the filming locations from an L.A. sound stage via FaceTime. Apple says that "many involved in the production believe this innovative approach to a multi-location shoot will be adopted by other filmmakers."

The company breaks down the entire process, including how Scott enlisted editor Angus Wall and a team of 20 other editors to sort through more than 70 hours of footage. Scott says on the brand's site, "There's a sense of liberation about being able to tell these stories with this device, to explore it and investigate it—to see what the iPhone is capable of, and then to push it and stretch it." There was talk of an ad (this ad) running in the Super Bowl but in the end it debuted online.

Also, check out the Making Of video.