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Pope Of Steel: The Vatican Approves Holy, Superheroic Street Art

Italian street artist Maupal made a mural of Pope Francis flying through the air like Superman. He probably didn't expect the Vatican to tweet about it, though.

Pope Of Steel: The Vatican Approves Holy, Superheroic Street Art
[Photo by TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images]

The Catholic Church is known for many things, but, until recently, "sense of humor" was typically not one of them. But many things are changing under Pope Francis. When an Italian street artist recently created the graffiti image of the Pope as Superman, representatives from the Vatican did more than take it in stride—they tweeted about it.

Vatican Communication, the verified Twitter account of "pontifical council for social communications from the Holy See," tweeted about the graffiti found on a Roman street near the Vatican. The artist known as Maupal depicted the pope as a jacked hero soaring the sky behind a raised fist, white cape flapping behind him. The 2013 Person of the Year, who is known to carry his own black bag, appears ready to fight for justice and/or values. Now that the Vatican has taken a laissez-faire stance on street art, who knows where the Catholic Church will develop leniency next.

(UPDATE: The spoilsport police in Rome have scrubbed the image from the walls, but not from our hearts).