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At Super Bowl Time, A Spot From Native Americans Calls On The NFL To Make A Change

The National Congress of American Indians says members of this group are proud to call themselves many things. Just not this thing.

The National Congress of American Indians is taking the occasion of the NFL's crown jewel to raise awareness and gain support for its campaign to change the name of the Washington Redskins. This new PSA created by agency Goodness Mfg gets the message across by using native American images throughout history and evoking names like Cherokee, Navajo and Blackhawks, as well as leaders like Geronimo and Tecumseh.

The organization says it's an attempt to correct the popular misconception that "Redskins" is an acceptable and original Indian name instead of a long-standing derogatory term.

It's an ongoing debate, with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder saying he has no plans to change the name, while in December 2013, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human rights, a coalition of over 200 national organizations, passed a resolution calling on the NFL team to do just that.