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Super Bowl xlviii

The Muppets Take Terry Crews' Toyota In This Super Bowl Spot

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star accidentally parties with some fuzzy hitchhikers.

Former NFL-player/action movie star Terry Crews has to deal with some pretty big personalities on the ensemble cop sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. However, that experience hasn't seemed to prepare him for the infectious enthusiasm of The Muppets.

In case you haven't heard, your favorite felt friends have a new movie coming out in March. In a smart bit of cross-promotion, the Jim Henson creations co-star with Crews in Toyota's Super Bowl spot, which is set to air during the big game on Sunday, February 2nd. Muppet super-fans need not wait until then, though, as the ad is already available online.

In the spot, from Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, Crews is driving along a stretch of desert in his Highlander SUV, when he comes across a seemingly abandoned van. Little does he know that he has just stumbled upon the stalled-out vehicle of famous furry rockers, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. After initially being annoyed at tagging along with the uninhibited, singing muppets, Crews comes around by the time they all hit up a senior citizens' bingo game together. I mean, wouldn't it be pretty hard not to?