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Super Bowl xlviii

Coke Does The Lambeau Leap Into The Super Bowl

The first of its two big game ads takes us to another state where they play football in the cold.

Coke Does The Lambeau Leap Into The Super Bowl

Even just a few days before kick-off, there's still debate over playing the 2014 Super Bowl in a colder climate. Perhaps in solidarity with East Rutherford, N.J., for the first of its two big game ads Coke went to Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, to take another swing at the good ol' underdog sports story.

The ad, by Wieden + Kennedy Portland and director Jake Scott introduces us to Adrian. Adrian is obviously not the star of his youth football team but finds greatness thrust upon him in the form of an errant fumble. The young man then takes his run to glory to unexpected lengths, namely, the end zone at an empty Lambeau Field in nearby Green Bay.

The ad's cast included real-life Green Bay-area residents (even the stadium’s groundskeeper of 17 years). "While Coca-Cola is a global brand, this ad illustrates the deep roots it has in every community where it does business. We are in every city and every town across the country, ready to provide the kind of refreshing, uplifting moments of optimism Adrian enjoys after his journey to Lambeau Field," said Katie Bayne, president, North America brands, Coca-Cola North America, in a statement.

It's a heartwarming spot until you realize Adrian basically stole the ball from all the other kids and House of Pain's "Jump Around" is stuck in your head on Super Bowl Sunday ... again.

Take a look behind the scenes with this making-of video: