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Super Bowl xlviii

Oikos Reveals that a Full House is Not Always Best in Super Bowl Ad

With the Full House men still living together, we see that friends look after each other. But they also totally kill each other's game.

Sexy and yogurt are rarely, or should rarely be, uttered in the same breath. Actually, let’s say never. Until, now, that is. Oikos Greek Yogurt is ratcheting up the sex appeal in its Super Bowl ad, featuring the dreamboat of soccer moms everywhere, John Stamos.

Stamos has been subtly seducing ladies on behalf of Oikos since 2012 when the Dannon brand enlisted the former Full House star as it’s spokesperson. In the "The Spill", however, the innuendo heats up: Stamos, sitting across from a fetching lady, is called out for having some creamy dairy on his face. Rather than reaching for a napkin, she wipes his mouth with a finger and licks it up. Amused (trying so hard not to say aroused here, because weird!), Stamos repeats his messy mouth. This time, it’s removed with a kiss. Then, as Johnny boy accidentally drops a glob on his lap, the spot is seemingly headed for an R turn. Really, is this happening?

Nope. Insert record scratch. In burst Bob Sagat and Dave Coulier, Stamos’ Full House cast mates. As we reported when the teaser was released, we knew the cast of this ’90s sitcom would reunite for the Super Bowl. What we didn’t know is that they’d so fully and completely kill Stamos’ mojo. Armed with rubber gloves, cleaning brushes and a soapy bucket (what kind of spill were they prepared for, exactly!?), Danny Tanner and Joey insist that Uncle Jesse remove his pants. Stat. And this isn’t some sort of twisted plot that involves the lady-friend. "That’s going to stain!" shouts Sagat as Stamos’ girl makes off with the yogurt, leaving him standing in his skivvies while his friends perform laundry surgery on his pants.

It’s all a bit ridiculous, but certainly in keeping with the notion that the Full House men never really stopped living together in the 19 years since the show was on air, which was revealed in the teaser spot. There really is nothing sexy about three grown men living together. Though Sagat’s line "she wasn’t good for us anyways" kinda wins.