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Super Bowl xlviii

It's Up To You Whether You See Beckham Naked Or Clothed In H&M's Super Bowl Ad

Retailer is using its teaser ad to get fans' input on its big game commercial.

If you took a random poll of strangers on the street on whether they'd like to see David Beckham run around with clothes on or buck naked, odds are the answers would favor the latter. Call it a hunch.

Retailer H&M has released a teaser to its upcoming Super Bowl ad that, by the looks of things, will follow a familiar theme. Yep, the former soccer star in his gitch. According to a statement from the brand, the Super Bowl ad will feature Beckham "accidentally locked out of a photo shoot! On a rooftop! Wearing only his underwear!" (emphasis ours).

Among the differences between this year's big ad and previous efforts is the 2014 edition, directed by Nicholas Winding Refn, will allow owners of some Samsung Smart TVs to shop from within the commercial. Oh and the other is, this time the brand is asking fans to decide whether Beckham runs through the spot #covered or #uncovered. Anyone want to lay down a bet on which one wins?