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Super Bowl xlviii

Sarah McLachlan Urges You To Please Think of the Doberhuahua In This Super Bowl Teaser

Audi teases its Super Bowl ad with a lighthearted parody of Sarah McLachlan's much-discussed animal ad from years ago.

When singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan advocated against animal cruelty in an ad several years ago, it succeeded in getting people talking, just not perhaps in the way she'd had in mind. Many viewers seemed to feel as though they'd incurred blunt force trauma after being hit over the head with confrontational images of animal cruelty set to the McLachlan song, "Angel." The ad even spawned a ton of parodies, although none of them were particularly noteworthy. Now, McLachlan herself has taken a jab at the original ad in a teaser for Audi's Super Bowl commercial.

Created by San Francisco based agency Venables Bell & Partners, the new spot is supposedly an effort to raise awareness for a breed of dog known as the Doberhuahua (the creature that was teased in Audi's teaser-for-the-teaser spot, "Dog Show"). As you have doubtlessly deduced by now, this is a (fictional) hybrid beast that has the body of a chihuahua and a Doberman head. The ad starts with McLachlan describing the plight of these misunderstood animals who are crying out for your help, before launching into a very special song about them.

While McLachlan sings, we are treated to images of the odd-looking Frankendog running through a dandelion-filled meadow and sticking its massive head through a doggy door. Although the current teaser version of the ad has very little to do with Audi, it promises to deliver something memorable when the full ad premieres during the game.