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This Hotel Chain Put Its Bed On Top Of A Mountain To Prove How Comfy It Is

Ibis sent its bed on a two-week, 900 km expedition to Venezuela to show it can serve up a good night's sleep anywhere.

As any frequent traveler knows, hotel beds are hit and miss. Sometimes great, sometimes terrible, often mediocre. And let's not even start about the pillow situation. But European hotel chain Ibis is so confident in its new "Sweet Bed," that not only is the brand making it commercially available in stores around the world, it's betting that the bed can offer a great sleep anywhere on Earth.

Now, there are a lot of uncomfortable places on this planet that you wouldn't want to sleep—the middle of the 405 in L.A., a Port Authority restroom in New York, that terrible pull-out couch in your parent's basement. But to prove the Sweet Bed's mettle, agency BETC Paris decided to send it a bit farther afield. The brand and agency teamed with We Are Anonymous and adventurers Aaron Chevernak and Gareth Jones to take the new bed on a two-week, 900 km journey to Venezuela's Mount Roraima, also known as Devil's Mountain.

What this has to do with you getting a decent sleep for a reasonable price the next time you're in Hamburg, is anyone's guess (being able to sleep on top of a mountain is surely down to other factors behind what your sleeping surface is like). But the 14-minute film and interactive website go to great lengths to show that if this bed can serve up some sweet ZZZs on Devil's Mountain, then maybe next time you're swinging through Lithuania, Portugal, Ireland, or any of the 52 other countries Ibis has locations, it can do the same for you.