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Super Bowl xlviii

Are You Faking When It Comes To Football? This Animated Guide Explains The Game For The Uninitiated

Aside from the fact that four 15-minute quarters take three hours to play and the hundreds of pages of regulatory of minutiae, it's a pretty simple game.

There's a little over a week of feverish anticipation until the Super Bowl, at which point the great game of American football goes on its seven-month hiatus until the fall (unless, of course, you count the draft, free agency, training camp, the preseason, Hard Knocks, or relentless, round-the-clock coverage of all of the above on every sports media outlet). But if you're someone for whom the big game means only the chance to see what the best of our nation's ad agencies have cooked up, there's a breezy, well-designed, charmingly animated way to figure out the basics of the game in three minutes: Namely, "A Guide To American Football," from the folks at Adventures In Design.

The animated video (which bills itself as "for liberals, ladies, and limeys," leaving us compelled to point out that we've met folks from all three groups who know the game better than some high school coaches) is a quick tour through the game and the NFL. It explains the team naming conventions, the reason the game takes so $&%#ing long to play, and the basics of how the game works—the number of guys on the field for each team, the gameplay structure, the oddly numbered scoring system—in ways that are clear and easy for even an absolute beginner to follow and remember, at least for the 10 days until the Super Bowl.