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Super Bowl xlviii

GoDaddy's New Super Bowl Ad Ditches The Sleaze For Spray Tans And Muscle Men

The brand's first of two big game ads goes clean cut with Danica Patrick and a pack of bodybuilders.

Not long ago, GoDaddy decided to ditch its sleazy advertising past in favor of something a bit more tasteful. First it was Jean-Claude Van Damme's admirable musicianship, and now for the Super Bowl the brand has replaced sexual innuendo with spray tan humor.

The spot, by agency Deutsch New York and director Bryan Buckley, shows a herd of bodybuilders responding to the siren song of a particular spray tan shop. Even spokesperson Danica Patrick makes an appearance, bulked up with a muscle suit. It's the first of two ads GoDaddy will air during the Super Bowl and the focus here is on what the brand can do to help small business attract customers online and not, thankfully, how it can use the worst kind of frat-laughs to get attention with pseudo-controversial but ultimately mediocre ads.