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Remade "American Psycho" Imagines Patrick Bateman As A Hipster, With Jeans Standing In For Business Cards

We can only assume his love of Huey Lewis & The News would be ironic, though.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the surprising longevity of the hipster aesthetic and subculture is that those who fit the stereotype seem to take such pleasure in mocking its tropes themselves. That explains the ceaseless string of hipster parodies of—well, basically anything, including Mary Harron's film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis's novel American Psycho, which was released when today's stupid-beard-cultivating college freshmen were like four years old.

In the six-minute remake/parody of two key scenes in the movie, created by London/Amsterdam-based agency Flickering Wall to promote Denham Jeans, a batch of eternally hipper-than-thou young men discuss the merits of prison-style tattoos, beards, and a mythical venue called "The Hidden Vinyl"—before swooning over various pairs of Denham's lightweight, Japanese selvage denim jeans ("practically a second skin!" one exclaims). Of course, our Patrick Bateman stand-in here, who sports a beard that the Bateman portrayed by Christian Bale in the film would probably literally kill someone for, can't handle the one-upsmanship or the idea that a rival who's out-hipstered him might be in possession of such a fine pair of jeans. In the second scene he explains the merits of Kopi Luak coffee rather than Huey Lewis and the News before doing to Jean-Paul what he did to Paul Allen in the original film.

In any case, it sure does make us more aware of the various weights and styles of expensive jeans that are designed to look old and cheap—as well as how and why one might drink a cup of coffee that's been pooped out by a strange nocturnal mammal. Oh, hipster parodies—never go away.