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This Valentine's Day You Can Send Your Sweetheart A Tweetheart

Forget diamonds, furs and dinners, now there's personalized candy.

Let's face it, only the most obsessive significant other would be thinking about Valentine's Day right now. But they're the same show-offs that make everyone else look bad, or at the very least unenthusiastic. What good is a nice dinner out when your wife's friend just told her about the elaborate scavenger hunt her husband set up that made her race around the city to places where things like "we shared our first ice cream cone" happened? Useless.

But you don't necessarily have to go big to make a statement and candy maker NECCO is here to help. The brand is taking its nearly 150-year old candy, Sweethearts to the social sphere. With agency Hill Holliday, the company has created a mechanism whereby you can send a personalized tweet to your loved one through @tweethearts. After sending the tweet, you'll get back an image of your tweet spelled out on Sweethearts candies. Then you can either send that pic to your special someone or actually order a one pound bag of the custom candies to be delivered so they can bask in the chalky sweet glow of your feelings in-person.

A rap video, featuring an original song from Hill Holliday producer Chuck Woodard makes the case. See it above.