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Super Bowl xlviii

VW Teases Its Super Bowl Spot With Every Online Gag In The Book—Literally

VW's German engineers break out sight-gags, babies, and babes for the "big American football festival."

Everyone knows you can’t engineer viral success. There may be common elements in widely shared videos (puppies, babies) but it ultimately comes down to unpredictable alchemy. But according to this Super Bowl teaser, Volkswagen is trying really, really hard to replicate the viral thunderclap it scored with it’s 2011 spot "The Force," and it’s put its top engineers on the case.

With a whiteboard full of mathematic algorithms surrounding meta topics such as groin kicks, celebrities, babies, puppies and twerking (thereby hitting all potential Super Bowl subject matters, with a little bit of 2013’s most dubious craze thrown in for good measure), a pair of lab-coated German engineers are certain they’ve created the most viral ad possible for "big American football festival" by using the same German engineering that makes VW cars great.

When the carefully plotted spot—full of Americanisms, sight-gags, babies, and babes—goes sideways, the spot resembles an epic fail (intentional, of course). Created by San Francisco agency Argonaut (the brand's past Super Bowl winners were created by Deutsch), this spot has taken the kitchen-sink approach to teasing its game-day spot, leaving us to assume this is a classic bait-and-switch kind of thing. We hope.