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Super Bowl xlviii

Squarespace Brings The Dark Side Of The Web To Life In Super Bowl Teaser

Squarespace makes memes menacing in its Super Bowl teaser.

The Internet is a messy place. It’s the world of the lowest common denominator. Of trolls, Photoshop fakeouts, quick deals, epic snark and hot chicks. But does it really have to be that way? That’s the question that website management company Squarespace seemingly poses in this teaser for its debut Super Bowl spot.

The ad, "A Better Web Awaits," was created in-house, led by Squarespace CCO David Lee, former worldwide digital executive creative director at TBWA, and directed by Malcolm Venville. In it, a regular looking guy strolls along the streets of what the dregs of the web would look like in real life. Flashy signs, memes, and various enticements to chat, download, or swap cash for gold surround him before he turns to see something that catches his eye. Presumably it’s something much nicer. Presumably, it’s Squarespace.

This garish, in-your-face clutter is a great visual juxtaposition for what Squarespace would like to convey that it offers: clean and beautiful out-of-the-box website design.