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Ajax Says It Can Clean Up All Your Social Clutter In One Wipe

The cleaning brand's new app aims to tidy up your social media accounts.

Facebook and Twitter have been around long enough now that a lot of people have racked up a formidable collection of people, brands, and apps within their social media existence. Problem is, a lot of it is garbage or at least stuff you haven't paid attention to since hitting that Like or Follow button in the first place. Cleaning brand Ajax now aims to remedy that situation with a brand new app called Social Wipes. Created by agency VML/GPY&R Sydney, it treats your social media presence like a dirty counter top to help you clear the clutter and prevent more spam from blocking up your Twitter feed.

For Facebook it organizes all your page likes in one spot so you can quickly clickety-click and clean it up. In Twitter mode, it's quickly able to wipe out all the spam bots. Maybe finally you'll stop getting those promoted tweets for adult diaper coupons.