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Super Bowl xlviii

Butterfinger Is Sending Peanut Butter And Chocolate To Couples Therapy For Super Bowl

Ad teaser for the big game shows even classic relationships need spicing up from time to time.

As Super Bowl XLVIII approaches, advertisers are getting ready for the big game. Not only are we going to start seeing the spots for the iconic ad showcase (and football game) roll out but also teasers for the ads. Yep, we're at a time in our history where we have ads for the ads. Good times.

Here Butterfinger teases its Super Bowl spot with a look inside food couples therapy. And by the looks of things, plenty of classic relationships are looking for ways to spice things up. Just look at the size of that salami Crackers and Cheese walked out with. When it comes to Peanut Butter and Chocolate, the seemingly perfect couple might be in a bit of a cup rut and Butterfinger is more than happy to help if you're, uh, "try-curious."

The spot that appears on Super Bowl Sunday will reportedly feature a different spin on the same couple therapy theme and the same Twitter hashtag, #cuptherapy. The campaign was created by agency Dailey.

Here's hoping the brand also makes an iPad edition of Exotic Snacking magazine.