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If Google Was A Guy, Your Searches Would Sound Really Goofy

If dudes had to say the words, "girls college, er, college girls. Nude" out loud, they would probably just buy their porn in magazine form still.

If Google Was A Guy, Your Searches Would Sound Really Goofy

Google is a monolithic corporation that reaches into all levels of our lives, from the way we communicate with one another to the things we seek on the Internet to—as of yesterday—the way we set our thermostats. We all know how massive Google is. But what if it was just, like, one dude?

That's the premise behind this short from College Humor, written by the site's Patrick Cassels (who makes an appearance to self-Google). Google, as represented by Children's Hospital actor Brian Huskey, grows increasingly exasperated as it hears the frustratingly inane questions that people who represent you, the person reading this right now, probably ask it. "Bitcoin market value" doesn't sound like a goofy thing to type into a search engine, but when you see the sharkskin-suited avatar of those who Google things like that, you will probably want to go through your own search history and see what the personification of those questions might look like.