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This Hypnotic Video Reveals Unexpected Beauty In The Daily Commute

Adam Magyar uses a technically complex process to make quotidian human activity into art.

Commuting isn't pretty, and yet Hungarian-born, Berlin-based artist Adam Magyar has managed to find the beauty in life's most mundane daily endeavor. In a series of short videos called Stainless, he captures city dwellers in New York, Berlin, and Tokyo in a state of suspension. To make his films, Magyar rode the subways and filmed people outside the trains with a slow motion camera. That is drastically simplifying the artistic and technological detail that went into the project. Magyar created a whole complement of specially modified gear and software to capture the hypnotic, high resolution images.

According to a profile of Magyar on Matter, "the scanning technique he developed—combining thousands of pixel-wide slices into a single image—allows him to catch passengers unawares as they hurtle through dark subway tunnels, fixing them in haunting images filled with detail no ordinary camera can capture." The result, according to Magyar's website, is "an endless row of living sculptures...graceful and stainless holding their breath waiting for their train to pull into the station."

Hear Magyar talking about his techniques in the video here.