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Check Out The L.A. Subway Of The Future, As Seen In "Her"

Look upon the map and imagine what might be in the not-too-distant-future Joaquin Phoenix inhabits.

Check Out The L.A. Subway Of The Future, As Seen In "Her"

Like so many great ideas, a fully-functional, five-line Los Angeles subway system is probably never going to actually happen. But for those who like to torment themselves with fantasies, the full map of the system that takes Joaquin Phoenix to the beach in Spike Jonze's in-a-not-too-distant-future film Her is now available online, thanks to Gizmodo and the film's graphic designer, Geoff McFetridge.

The map, seen in passing in the film, features dozens of stops in neighborhoods both extant and hypothetical, which would probably over-serve the mere 169,562 riders the current MetroRail subway lines sees every weekday. (By contrast, New York's subway system transports 5.4 million daily passengers.) Still, we can imagine that those numbers would, um, spike dramatically if the line were as efficient and well-designed as it appears in McFetridge's map from Her. And you can imagine that your phone will fall in love with you, too.

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