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Skateboarders tend to get bored easier than the rest of us. If you need any proof, just watch any film in the Jackass franchise, which is basically an extended treatise on the topic of skateboarders getting bored. When skateboarders get bored, though, they also get creative. And when they get creative, they attach nine skateboards together.

Back in the '90s, professional skateboarder Mark Gonzales first fused together nine boards into one gigantic Circle Board. He made the thing, thinking he'd be able to cartwheel around on it like a hamster wheel. That was not to be. Recently, though, Thrasher Magazine followed Gonzales around New York City as he got his Circle Board back together. The occasion was a welcoming party of sorts for young upstart Brad Cromer who just joined the world of professional skateboarding as a member of the Krooked team. After many failed attempts to skate the Circle Board down a staircase, Brad Cromer finally nailed it, as captured in this GIF:

Have a look at the whole video above.