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Image of the Day

Need a Moment? Grab a Twix. Need an Eternity? Grab This Twix Double-Coffin

Ricky Gervais associate Karl Pilkington commissioned a Twix coffin for his show, "The Moaning of Life." [Insert joke about Caramel Dracula here.]

Too many sweets could be the death of you. If that's the case, however, at least now there's an option for you to spend the afterlife in a Twix coffin.

This macabre, branded beauty comes to us courtesy of Karl Pilkington, the famously spherical-headed Ricky Gervais associate who regularly hosts TV travel shows and starred in Gervais's Netflix series, Derek. In his most recent program, The Moaning of Life, the notorious whiner visits various countries to get a flavor of how they cope with the hardships of life—ostensibly to put his own lot in perspective. The final episode of the series, in which Pilkington visits the Phillipines, found the host thinking about death, which somehow led him to commission a Twix double-coffin.

The episode was originally set to air in November, but it was pushed back in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. Now that some time has passed, however, the show has surfaced, and viewers are free to pick it apart.

H/t to The Clearly Dope

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