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How Your Favorite Movie Directors Would Film Christmas Morning

This video presents Christmas morning filtered through the idiosyncratic styles of directors like Spielberg, Kubrick, Scorsese, and pretty much all the auteurs. (Conspicuously absent: Orson Welles.)

Lots of parents film their household's Christmas mornings. This one even did so for 25 years in a row, and the resulting supercut made me cry. But why should amateurs have the market cornered on filming Christmas morning? A new video imagines your favorite directors giving it a shot.

The Auteurs of Christmas presents a series of seasonal vignettes, supposedly directed by the most iconic filmmakers you can think of. Created by Ontario-based theater company Suitcase in Point, and production house Fourgrounds Media, the video cycles through Spielberg and Woody Allen, and even documentarians like Michael Moore and Werner Herzog. Some of these shorts mimic a specific aspect of the director's aesthetic (the family-friendliness of Spielberg, everything you remember about Sergei Eisenstein from film class), while others attempt to recreate one particular film (Kubrick's is an homage to 2001: a Space Odyssey, and Scorsese's is Goodfellas through and through.)

Of particular interest is the Lars von Trier one, which is just a bunch of slow-motion leery smiles—in other words, fully accurate. And finally, of course there's a Wes Anderson send-up, since we already know what his horror movie would look like.

Let us know what inaccuracies you found in the comments below.