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Image of the Day

2013, Summarized In One Image

Mario Zucca put pretty much everything that happened in 2013 in one image.

2013, Summarized In One Image

According to the cast of Rent, five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes is the most direct way to sum up a year. Another way, however, is with an image, as one illustrator has masterfully done.


Artist Mario Zucca recently unveiled Here's to 2013, a visual toast to everything that just happened. Created for Beautler Ink, Zucca's image is a 2013 time capsule that takes into account mostly pop culture happenings, with a side order of politics, sports, and miscellany. From births and deaths to the ascendance of Netflix, and even the difficulty of registering for health care from the government website, all the year's particulars are here. Considering how quickly we devour and discard moments now on Twitter, some of them probably seem like they happened way longer ago than within the last 12 months.

H/t to Wired