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Motorola's Newest Moto X Print Ad Let's You Change Its Colors

Bringing interactivity to the printed page.

This new print ad for Motorola's new Moto X showcases all its available colors and lets readers click through to see what the smartphone looks like in each shade. It's like scratch n' sniff for your eyes.

As media and advertising shifted to digital platforms, the print ad was in danger of becoming a relic of a bygone era. Many advertisers use print ads now as previews or teasers for something more elaborate elsewhere—a trailer, a video, an online game. Others have embedded technology in the page itself.

Motorola and its agency Digitas tapped T-Ink technology to find a way around the static image with this new ad appearing in Wired's January issue. Poke the colors on the page and see the phone change colors. Don't expect to see an entire issue full of these interactive paper projects any time soon, but a one-off novelty from time to time should be just quirky enough to get readers' attention.