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This New Apple Holiday Ad Almost Makes It Okay To Always Be Staring At Your Phone

The spot manages to make a super annoying habit all warm and fuzzy.

Stop and think for a second. How many times have you seen in your Facebook or Twitter feed, or overheard at a party, or from someone at dinner, people complaining about other people walking around with their heads down and noses in their smartphone? And that's just the adults. When it comes to kids and teens, the handwringing about the social effects of technology is at times deafening.

So what does Apple do? Well, how about making an ad with agency TBWA/Media Arts Lab that combines a message about functionality (the kid did it all on his phone!), the impact of technology (he really does love his family more than his phone!), in a seasonal ad (happy holidays!). It's an impressive feat, aimed to wash away all that anxiety and paranoia and turn it into a warm and fuzzy spot that may just have you weeping iTears by the end.