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In An Effort To Go Viral, This New LG Ad Mocks Brands Trying to Go Viral

This spoof looks a lot like the brand's previous success with the real deal.

As more brands begin pushing the limits of (often terrifying) Candid Camera-style stunts in the hopes of hitting the viral lottery, the backlash is in full swing. One of the more active brands on the stunt bandwagon—one that's actually been quite successful at reaching a huge audience—is LG.

The electronics giant has had major hits convincing people the floor was dropping out of their elevator or their in utero child-to-be just flipped them the bird, but its newest spot reflects the increasing impatience with stuntvertising trend. To promote the brand's new 21:9 UltraWide monitor, it goes behind the scenes of a fake stunt effort that, truthfully, wouldn't seem all that out of place among LG's stuntography. It's so meta it hurts.