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Newcastle Turns Your Cab Ride Home Into A Carnival Barker For Beer

The beer brand unleashes "Cabvertising" with a giant megaphone.

There's no such thing as a free lunch. Or a free cab ride. Newcastle and its agency Droga5 know this and apply the rule in brilliant fashion to launch the brand's newest beer, Newcastle Cabbie, a black ale named for Britain's iconic taxis.

The latest in its "No Bollocks" campaign, the brand unleashed one of its homeland's famous black cabs in Los Angeles, offering bar hoppers a ride. The catch? You had to read Newcastle ad copy broadcast through a gargantuan megaphone perched on the cab's roof. If you stopped sales pitching, your ride was over.

The new beer launched in mid-November and, since then, the brand has been partnered with taxi app Taxi Magic to offer consumers a $5 credit toward a cab ride booked through the app. Where Taxi Magic ride booking isn't available, consumers can send a text message to enter for the chance to win free cab rides home for a year. The companies say they'll dole out more than $1 million in free cab fares around the U.S. throughout the holiday season. Here's hoping they all don't have to use the megaphone.