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Cat Litter Advertising Gets A Little More Sexy With The Poopy Cat Dolls

It's Dutch and looks like Michel Gondry went kitty crazy.

For argument's sake, let's just say you were given a brief to create an ad for disposable, biodegradable litter boxes in the Netherlands. What are the odds you'd come up with the "Poopy Cat Dolls?"

You'd have to ignore all the details around why cat owners might want to go the disposable and biodegradable route, and instead show off an appreciation for mediocre mid-2000s pop R&B and the fine art of sweding. Given that the crazy-ante in the cat products category is sky high these days (the bar was set by Friskies a few years back and raised by Litter Genie), that sounds about right.

For this spot, Poopy Pets co-founder Thomas Vles says he and co-founder Rick Passenier were inspired by the likes of Dollar Shave Club to try and create a strong web video with minimal budget for global brand exposure. Vles enlisted childhood friend and director Lennart Verstegen, and through another friend teamed with TBWA Amsterdam to make the film.

"As you would expect with cats," says Vles. "This was challenging, time consuming, and an interesting mix of fun, delight, and desperation."